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Pure Georgette Banarasi Bandhej Handloom Saree

Pure Georgette Banarasi Bandhej Handloom Saree

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A celebration of Indian textile arts! This handwoven Banarasi saree has been hand-dyed in the classic Kutchi Bandhani technique. A gorgeous geometric pattern in zari to bring on the festive spirit!

  • Color - A ravishing Dual shade Bandhani
  • Technique - Classic handwoven Banarasi art passed down through generations of weavers. Pinch-sized portions of fabrics have been been tied with threads and dyed in traditional Kutchi style with vivid colours. 
  • Fabric - A flattering drape, pure Khaddi Georgette
  • Speciality - Banarasi weavers have sought inspiration in India's rich and varied regions. A beautiful handwoven piece of heritage from Banaras and the perfect confluence of textile traditions!
  • Handloom's Promise - Pure fabrics and genuine Banarasi handloom at a fair price
  • Note on Finishing - Please note that this saree is unfinished and retains the original crinkled appearance resulting from Bandhani hand-dyeing. If you'd like us to polish and finish the saree, please add 4-5 working days for dispatch. Read more.
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